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Corporatism: Trumping Democracy

Introductory words by Eduard

Deep Integration via back door of Agriculture through bill C-27

Introductory words by Eduard

In order of the three topics:

the intended focus of material among the three topics will be divided along the lines whether the material

  1. exposes and provides examples of the form of Trojan Horses used by the corporatists to expropriate (privatize) publicly held assets into private ownership, (frequently at little or no cost to the new owners). (See Corporatism - Usurping Democracy)
  2. provides a model by which citizens are able to resist or challenge the privatization of public assets, (See Reigning in the Corporations) and
  3. provides examples by which individuals and communities are empowered to build and multiply sustainable community values to the full benefit of the wider commons inclusive of Planet Earth.  In short examples of "thinking global, acting local"!  (See "To Know:" Fostering & Multiplying Community)

Examples of corporate-friendly citizen-unfriendly Trojan Horses would be organisations like the WTO (World Trade Organization) and IMF (International Monetary Fund), who together with their Canadian hand-maidens, our Conservative and Liberal governments, (and the up and hopeful Greens under Jim Harris' leadership) advance through stealth and the back-door means to i) "de-regulate" the commons and ii) "re-regulate" Canada as private, for profit and under corporate control.  Specific methods of privatization include iii) P3's (Public-Private-Partnerships), iv) government downsizing, v) outsourcing, and vi) economic and vii) security harmonisation, sometimes called viii) deep integration with the US.

Mulroney, Chretien, Martin and Harper's advancements of "free trade" rules" all include the double standard that privatization of public assets is allowable, while the nationalization of private assets into publicly held assets is expressly forbidden.  Under these rules, when the former high seas were under the control of pirates, it would be against the trade rules to bring the high seas under international control and access!

Lastly, among the means of privatization listed above, there are no easy demarcations between one nor the other.  For example, by way of metaphor, what are the differences among pork-barrelling, Trudeau & Mulroney's patronage and the sponsorship scandal?  Or are they but political attempts to draw differences (where none exist) in order to try and criticize one without drawing attention to Tommy Douglas' axiom that if we are mice, why would we continue to change blue cats with red cats and then back to blue cats as our leaders?

In the same way, different euphemisms are advanced when either the liberals or conservatives, together with their corporate taskmasters wish, through double talk, advance the privatization of public assets without drawing attention to what they are doing.

Perhaps Benito Mussolini's words say it best.  "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power."

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