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Manitoba Canola Growers Association
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MCGA Elections

Candidates Biographies are Coming Soon...

Election Rules


Mail-in ballots will be distributed from the MCGA office by November 15, 2007. Ballots must be return to the MCGA office, or the representative of MCGA, on or before December 10, 2007. If less than 5 nominations for Director are received by October 31, 2007, these nominees will be deemed elected by acclamation.


Elected nominees will be notified as soon as possible. A formal announcement will be made at

the MCGA annual meeting and in the Canola Digest.


New Directors will assume their MCGA responsibilities following the annual meeting January

2008. Location and time will be announced in December For more information, call the MCGA office at (204) 982-2120 or election committee.


For a nomination form please call MCGA’s office or print a form off our website 

Complete set of 2007 Election Procedures

For more information, please contact the election committee:

Brian Chorney (204) 482-4997,
Wilfred "Butch" Harder (204) 746-8005,
Ernie Sirski (204)638-5511,
Ed Rempel (204) 735-2846




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