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This site is dedicated towards intentional grass roots-up Community Building, with the recognition that democracy and the improvement of democracy is a key structural building block within any community that wishes to be egalitarian and just.

And whether as Individuals, a Community or Community of Communities, our ability "to know" becomes a factor of "response-ability" whereby each one of us, as a power of one, may be a contributory link, sometimes building community brick by brick and sometimes spreading ideas like the lighting of the grass beneath our feet, which, if the grass takes flame, may be fruitful and multiply like an unstoppable prairie grass fire.

For a working definition of the two types of power, please see Words of Welcome within the 2006 Election Campaign.

This site is being organized like a book in progress, with separate chapters.  Special project chapters like the previous 2006 Election Campaign, Eduard Hiebert's federal election campaign as an Independent candidate for Kildonan-St. Paul, carry their own unique colour code as identified on the site map.  On each page there are two separate "home" navigation buttons which have now been renamed for added clarity.  Home:Home is for this site's overall home page while Home:Home Section, once anywhere within a "chapter" as just defined  will take you back to the "home" page of the specific chapter that you are in.

Eduard Hiebert is the official Independent Candidate for Kildonan St Paul in the 2011 federal election.  By Sunday evening, May 17, 2011 please see for details.

Please note that all external links will open into a new browser window for your convenience. That is, Links coloured in red will open in a new tab/window while those in blue will take you there directly.

If you discover an external link that has been moved, or is out of date, please email me and I will provide you with material related to that link via email.

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